No idea what’s going on with my head. I had triggering and stressful dreams last night, and now I’m lying awake with really anxious and unnerving thoughts going through my mind. I’m not stressed or anything. I think my brain just hates me.


How do people do the flirting? It’s something I’ve just never even really thought about before. Like, if somebody says something sexy at me I usually go quiet or make some sort of reference to Michael J Fox power-sliding in Teen Wolf. Do people even flirt nowadays? Or is it something that only happens if you’re Pierce Brosnan?

TL;DR, I think I just tried to flirt for probably the first time ever and I used the word “embouchure”, which is questionably sexy at best.

I flirt by saying something I think is cute and mischievous which instead ends up offending the other person. It’s not a skill I’ll ever be able to master.